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We can help your business to understand and translate changing community expectation into practical and effective actions for customers and community.

Customer vulnerability

Customers expect businesses to help when life has thrown them a curve ball. Regulators are following suit. Businesses that respond with empathy and flexibility can make a customer’s day or change their life.

We can help you to reimagine, redesign and redefine customer experience for life’s vulnerable moments. Innovation for customers experiencing vulnerability delivers social impact at scale – fostering customer advocacy and building trust.

We can help

Reimagine customer service

  • Advise on how to solve policy, process and service breaks relating to customer vulnerability that drive complaints, financial harm and reputation risk
  • Recommend operating models and training for your people

Redesign products

  • Identify the needs of customers experiencing vulnerability in your target markets
  • Advise on product changes to build in flexibility, safety and equity to cater for vulnerable circumstances from the start
  • Provide practical tools and guidance

Redefine customer experience

  • Define your customer vulnerability strategy
  • Diagnose your organisation’s current approach to customer vulnerability
  • Develop an achievable implementation roadmap

Financial safety

It will take collective action across all parts of society if Australia is to achieve its ambition to end gendered violence in a generation. Many businesses have started by taking steps to improve gender equality in the workplace, provide support for employees experiencing family and domestic violence and prevent sexual harassment.

We can help you to lead change beyond the workplace – enhancing financial safety for your customers.

We can help

Financial safety. By design.

  • Advise on options to prevent financial harm by identifying the potential for misuse of your products and services for financial abuse

Enhance equity. By design.

  • Diagnose unintentional bias in your products and services
  • Recommend options to address any disparities

Stakeholder engagement

It shouldn’t take a Royal Commission, regulatory action or bad publicity to find out how the community expects you to treat your customers. When you’re talking to the right stakeholders – and thinking differently about your own customer data – you’ll know what’s working and what’s not.

We can help you to understand community expectations and identify opportunities to improve incrementally or to lead by example.

We can help

Stakeholder engagement

  • Map key stakeholders and their expectations of your business
  • Develop stakeholder engagement plans

Community advocacy

  • Identify opportunities to differentiate
  • Define a community advocacy strategy that makes commercial sense
  • Build an implementation plan to excite your people and deliver social impact

Special projects

Need a speaker, facilitator or adviser to spark ideas or deliver a practical implementation plan?

We can help


  • Expert and inspirational keynotes and panellist presentations on how businesses can improve their support for customers experiencing domestic and financial abuse

Ignite creativity

  • Facilitation of tailored workshops to scope transformative approaches to disrupting financial abuse

Catalyse action

  • Develop well researched, sound implementation roadmaps for innovation that fosters customer advocacy and builds trust